Host Nation Council Award for students of Regino-Gymnasium Prüm

On Friday, 31 March 2017, Regino-Gymnasium Prüm celebrated its annual graduation ceremony at Prüm Basilika. The church was completely packed with members of the school’s community, i.e. parents, relatives, teachers, former students, and honorable personnel from around. The school’s head, Mr Albrecht Petri, had the privilege to hand out certificates to 124 students, who finished school from that very moment on and entered a new stage of their life. A moment to remember. Among those freshly certified young people are Lea Krommen, Nataša Adžić and Nicola Haas (see photograph). In addition to their excellent results in general, they were also presented with the Host-Nation-Council-Award. That is because during their secondary years at Regino-Gymnasium, particularly as English majors during the Oberstufe (years 11-13) they continuously showed a deep interest in the English language and the culture of the English speaking world, they acquired an immense vocabulary and contributed to the lessons in a way that was consistently over-average.
Lea Krommen, Nataša Adžić und Nicola Haas erhalten den Host-Nation-Council-Award

Lea Krommen, Nataša Adžić and Nicola Haas receive Host-Nation-Council-Award

Nataša Adžić deserves special acknowledgement for her analyzing skills, her critical thinking in both literature and cultural studies. Lea Krommen wrote a paper entitled “A Cultural Analysis of US College Campuses regarding Sexual Assault”. Nikola Haas completed her literary studies with a paper called “Women in 19th century England – A comparison of the protagonists of Jane Eyre and Wuthering heights”. She also passed the “Cambridge Advanced Certificate” with the highest possible result. By Martin Leineweber, Regino-Gymnasium Prüm