The Host Nation Council Spangdahlem e. V. congratulates 4 high school graduates of the Regino-Gymnasium in Prüm

Once again, Mr. Albrecht Petri, the principal of the Regino-Gymnasium (High School) in Prüm, presented the Host Nation Council award to four students for their outstanding performance in the school subject English: Ms Maja Esch, Ms Jana Dingels, Mr Yannik Becker and Mr. Nicolas Görres. The graduation ceremony on 22 Mar was the perfect setting for the award presentations. All four award recipients earned it in different ways.

Ms Maja Esch showed an extraordinary commitment in the advanced course for English language, she lectured on current topics to a far greater extent than normal and included these topics skillfully into the lesson plan. Furthermore, she completed the best coursework in the school subject English.

The Host Nation Council Spangdahlem e. V. congratulates 4 high school graduates of the Regino-Gymnasium in Prüm for their above-average performance in English.
Also Ms Jana Dingels demonstrated this special commitment daily, furthermore she excelled by creating complete and medial designed summaries of the teaching materials. She used her skills to assist other classmates. Mr Yannik Becker consistently demonstrated high level performance in the school subject English, especially in English listening comprehension he obtained excellent results. He gainfully used his interest in English literature and in current political developments incorporating it into the English lessons. Yannik received the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English as best student of the school in January. This certificate allows him to study at a university in Great Britain. Mr Nicolas Görres spent one year in the USA. His experiences inspired him to prepare a scholastic seminar paper with the title “Muslims in the USA after 9/11”. Nicolas language ability distinguishes through clarity, accuracy and a stylistic variety of variants. His abilities make him an example for other students. Nicolas is interested in English literature and in the political developments in the Anglo-Saxon and American region. His knowledge and ability and networked thinking enriched the teaching within the class community. He too holds the Cambridge Advanced Certificate. The school community of the Regino-Gymnasium is very proud of their graduates and prize-winners and they appreciate that the Host Nation Council Spangdahlem repeatedly recognizes and awards young people for their outstanding achievements.