Annual german-american Hunt

Together with leaseholders of the Erdorf, Matzen, Badem, Fließem and Wilsecker hunting grounds the Host Nation Council had invited American hunters from Spangdahlem Air Base to a common hunt on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The hunters met at the Erdorf Community House. Mr. Hilarius Esch from Bitburg-Prüm County Administration, an enthusiastic hunter, was glad to welcome all participants on behalf of Jan Niewodniczanski, Host Nation Council Chairman.

Mr. Esch expressed his appreciation to all leaseholders for the availability of their hunting grounds. A special thank you was addressed to Mike Kirsch, also a huntsman from Spangdahlem Air Base, for his support in coordination of this event.

Annual german-american Hunt | Host Nation Council Spangdahlem e. V.

Annual german-american Hunt

Mr. Herbert Wirz, member of the Rheinland-Pfalz State Hunting Union, introduced the course of this years hunt to all participants, underlined its importance, hoping for continuation of this initiative.
“The immediate contact to our American huntsmen is significant” remarked Mr. Wirz. Many SAB service members take hunting examinations in order to receive a German hunting license. He recommended hunters from the Eifel should contact Mike Kirsch from Spangdahlem Air Base at Tel.06565-61-7170 in order to invite Base hunters to joint German-American hunts.

Hilarius Esch conveyed greetings from the Bitburg-Prüm County Commissioner, Dr. Joachim Streit. Dr. Streit appreciates this joint gathering as another possibility to strengthen and intensify the German American friendship. After the welcome and introduction all participants proceeded to the hunting grounds for the third successful joint hunting.

On the next day the hunt was followed by a “Schüsseltreiben”. This took place at the “Alte Dorfschänke” at Bitburg-Stahl. Enjoying good food, a “Bitburger”, pleasant hunter talks one celebrates the hunting success with family members and friends.

Looking forward to the next “Waidmannsheil” in autumn of 2014 another harmonious gathering had come to an end.